Ever Heard of “Metabolic Syndrome”?

If not, it’s time you did! A “Syndrome” is defined as a group of symptoms that together are characteristic of a specific disorder, disease or the like. Check out some of the facts and figures recently posted on a popular health related website* regarding Metabolic Syndrome:

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What Is It?

What allows some people to achieve incredible levels of success in weight loss while others flop, flounder, fizzle and fail?

Question: What is the “secret” to success in weight loss? Is it simply having a plan? Is it having the right mental attitude? Is it science? Is it having the right accountability partner or team?

Answer: It’s all of these things … and more! If you are looking for the “magic bullet” you will be searching your entire life. Specializing and fully focusing on weight loss has allowed our team to distinguish some key ingredients of those who succeed in weight loss and control. In a nutshell, here they are:

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Are Condiments & Sauces Drowning You?

Sauces and condiments – those smooth, creamy and delightful additions that add much more than flavor. It's strange trying to imagine French Fries without ketchup or sushi without soy sauce — some condiments and foods are just meant for one another. But folks often don’t think of how much sugar, fat, sodium, and preservatives are in their sauces and condiments. In a lot of cases, the toppings we use are as bad, if not worse than, the food we are putting it on. While not all condiments are bad, added ingredients can cause problems. And while “50 percent less sodium” or “less fat” seems appealing, it’s easy to get confused by content labels.

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Some of “The Skinny” on Salt?

It seems like salt seems to always come up in a discussing of diet, health and chronic illness. It is also becoming more and more of a factor in weight loss discussions. For example, salt craving are often experienced during. Let’s address some salty facts.

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Simply Cutting Calories Does Not Cause Weight Loss

We know there are many who have cut calories to lose weight, and have quite severely limited calories at times. And many do lose weight with this approach. However, it is almost always temporary and short-term. As soon as those individuals go back to eating a more “regular” calorie diet, the weight comes right back on. And many times when they do this, the weight comes back on with a few extra pounds for “good measure”. It’s called yo-yo dieting. It is very commonplace, and it is not healthy for the body.

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